The Henley Boat Races

The Lightweight Boat Race was founded in 1975 by Richard Bates, an undergraduate of St. John's College, Cambridge who arranged the first race between lightweight crews from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge on the Henley Reach. This echoed the first Heavyweight Boat Race, which took place at Henley in 1829, but unlike the Heavyweight event, the Lightweight Boat Race remains at Henley to this day.

In 1977 the Lightweight Boat Race was joined by the Women's Boat Race to create the Henley Boat Races, held each year on a Sunday afternoon in late March, of which the race between OULRC and our light blue rivals continues to be the highlight. The Women's Lightweights, women's reserves (Osiris vs. Blondie) and men's lightweight reserves (Nephthys vs. Granta) joined the programme over the next 25 years. Regrettably, since 2007 Cambridge have failed to field a reserve Granta crew, causing the reserves race to fall into abeyance. Nevertheless, Nephthys remains an important part of the Club as a development boat and stepping stone to the Blue Boat.

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